Working for the Remediation of Autism Spectrum Disorders


We provide comprehensive, evidence-based language and communication intervention programs for families with a child diagnosed with autism or other developmental disorders.


We work with parents to identify areas of strength and hallenge. We collaboratively create a systematic, developmental intervention plan addressing availability and connectedness, reciprocal interaction, meaningful communication, and dynamic and flexible thinking. 



We utilize a parent training model to EDUCATE and EMPOWER parents, optimizing the effectiveness of our intervention plan and facilitating the child's overall DEVELOPMENT.


(Developmental Disabilities including ADHD, dylexia, ODD, OCD, pragmatic-semantic language disorder, auditory processing disorder, learning difficulties, sensory processing disorders, nonverbal language disorder, and verbal apraxia.)

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We are developmentally trained speech-language pathologists specializing in the remediation of autism or other developmental disorders.  We pride ourselves in continuing to seek the most up to date training ensuring families a comprehensive intervention plan that considers the whole child and family. 

our services

We offer a wide range of services, including Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) and traditional Speech-Language Therapy, to fit the needs of families concerned about their child’s social-communicative development. We specialize in offering services oriented towards families of children across the age span.

our people

Stacy Levy and Vicky Roy work hand–in–hand with families who have children diagnosed with autism or other developmental disorders.  Through EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT, parents make objective differences in their child’s DEVELOPMENT.  Guiding parents in this process is the most powerful and rewarding part of our careers.

Education, Development & Empowerment

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